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Red Squirrel

The red squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris) is Britain's only native squirrel. and is the same species as the European red squirrel found in Scandinavia and North West Europe.

Red squirrels live in woodlands and used to be found throughout the British Isles. Areas inhabited by red squirrels have shrunk during the last 100 years to the point where, in most parts of Britain, the species is now extinct. The main reason for this decline is that the grey squirrel is replacing the red. The grey squirrel is native to North America, and following its introduction to England in 1876 has become incredibly successful. This is an example of how man can introduce an alien species, and without thinking cause a negative impact upon our native wildlife.

The total number of red squirrels in the UK is estimated at 161,000. Of these, only 30,000 are in England, 121,000 in Scotland and 10,000 in Wales. This compares with a grey squirrel population for the UK of around 2,520,000

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