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Sika Deer

The sika deer is intermediate in size between roe and red deer.  they have a reddish brown coat, with white spots in summer. They have a short white tail and a white rump. The male has four-pointed antlers, which are shed in April or May.

Sika deer are not native to Britain, but they have been introduced to many parks in Europe from Japan.  In the UK, there are large populations in Ireland and Scotland and there are patchy populations scattered across England.  The main diet is grass and small shrubs, including heather.  Coniferous tree shoots and tree bark may occasionally be taken.  Sika have a wide repertoire of vocalisations. Stags groan, blow raspberries, yak-yak and give a high-pitched whistle during the rut or can emit a startling scream! Hinds with calves whine and calves reply with a bleat or squeak. When alarmed both sexes give a short, high-pitched bark.

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