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Roe Deer

The Roe deer is primarily found in areas of mixed woodland but is capable of adapting to a wide variety of habitats. It is a small deer and is reddish-brown in summer, while greyer in winter months.

 The roe deer is generally more solitary than its larger red cousin, and is to be found at lower altitudes. They are distinguishable facially by a black 'moustache' stripe and white chin, and also by a cream coloured rump patch. Male roe deer are larger than females and have short antlers bearing no more than three points. The main call of the Roe is a bark. The buck’s bark is usually a challenge call; the bark resembles that of a medium size dog, the timbre of the call becoming deeper as the animal ages. Bucks make a variety of other noises during the rut when pursuing a doe. However, the doe is the most vocal of the sexes and can be heard barking at most times of the year. The doe mostly barks as a warning to her kids and may continue to bark in various patterns for some time.

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